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Business I.T. Support

The Best IT Services for RGV Businesses and Medical Facilities That Need:

  • IT Management Services: We manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee, so you can sit back and focus.
  • Data Backup and Recovery: We back up your sensitive data and provide recovery methods for your business.
  • VoIP Services: We make sure your phone line setup is streamlined and communication is clear.
  • Cybersecurity Services: We make sure you have proper antivirus, data encryption, firewall, and more.

Business I.T. Service Provider

RGV CompuTech, LLC provides I.T. support for medical clinics and small businesses in the Rio Grande Valley. With RGV CompuTech, your business saves time, money, and headache’s with our managed services, network solutions, server backup, and more. Unlike other IT firms, RGV CompuTech improves business networks with applications that solve workflow problems, improve staff collaboration, protect data, and secure networks. Business owners can rest assured that their staff is free to focus on business operations rather than on I.T. problems.

Whatever your reason for needing outsourced computer assistance, RGV CompuTech can help you with high-quality, hassle-free professional I.T. services. We also have the added personal touch of being able to talk to a real person rather than an automated menu.

We specialize in proactive network monitoring, data protection, network security, and help desk support specifically tailored for any local business in the Rio Grande Valley. So if your business is in Mission, McAllen, Edinburg, Pharr, Weslaco, Harlingen, or Brownsville we can definitely be your go-to computer gurus. Let us manage your I.T. department so you can focus on managing your business.

Included with our proactive support plans is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Professional I.T. Support

5 Reasons to Choose RGV CompuTech to Provide Professional I.T. Services

  1. We Take System Uptime Seriously: Computer problems can strike at any time. These range from hardware failure to hackers holding your data hostage with ransomware. We understand that your business can’t afford downtime, which can lead to loss of customer service ratings, proposals, business efficiencies, or lose functionality of your business applications, such as software for creating CAD drawings. We use a multilayered approach for system uptime that keeps your systems free of viruses, malware, security holes, and security breaches, protecting you against cyberattacks and protecting your data with storage redundancy and backup/restore plans.
  2. We’re Insured: We have Errors and Omission and General Liability insurance policies for your protection. 
  3. We Support On-Premise and Cloud Applications: You need a local IT support firm that is focused on the right products for your company’s needs and help your staff adopt new workflows for the best data flow. You and your staff can focus on taking care of customers, while we take care of the application issues as your local IT support specialists.
  4. Response Time within the Hour: Your computer issues are as urgent to us as they are to you. Whether it’s an issue that impacts your business operations or an issue that only affects a single user, we answer our phones live and send a technician to your site within 30 minutes. 
  5. Peace of Mind: We take the hassle out of network maintenance. We pro-actively monitor all of our client’s networks, so you never have to worry about viruses spreading, hackers breaking in, or backups failing. Business managers and staff can focus on business operations and customer service. We’ll take care of the IT systems, network security, and data backup.

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Response Time, Availability & Knowledge is Second To No One!

If you’re looking for an IT company whether you’re are just starting out or your practice needs a re-evaluation of your current IT infrastructure, don’t hesitate to work with Omar and RGV CompuTech.

Since our transition to eClinicalWorks in 2011, RGV CompuTech has been with us every step of the way with recommendations and input to do what is best for our practice. RGV CompuTech’s service response time, availability and knowledge allows us to focus on patient care and not worry about network problems.

Good service is not a matter of cost. It is getting the job done. Give Omar a call today.


Roger Heredia, M.D.

Mid Valley Family Practice Associates - Weslaco

Experienced Reliable Competent Service

Are you tired of trying to fix your own IT problems? STOP and call Omar at RGV CompuTech.

As a medical doctor, I can do my job of taking care of patients and not worry about computer problems because I get prompt, competent, reliable service. I benefit from knowing that I have an IT team I can easily call on for any of my IT needs.

If you’re using an electronic medical record system to run your practice, contact the experienced professionals at RGV CompuTech today for any system upgrade, frozen computer or network problems.


Joslyn Oakes, M.D.

Charming Pediatrics - Weslaco